• Dominos Comfort and Versatility
    CapiCubana Domino Tables are made with
    the domino player in mind. Complete with
    domino play protective borders, stylish
    domino piece holders, beverage cup holders,
    and removable table legs for easy table top
  • Beautiful Detailed Design
    CapiCubana domino tables are elegant
    gaming tables with incredible beauty and
    detail. All of our tables are made by hand
    and built to last a lifetime. Your CapiCubana
    custom domino table will be a reflection
    of your unique style and sure to be a
    conversational piece of furniture.
  • Strong Durable Quality
    CapiCubana Domino Tables are made of
    strong quality birch wood coated in a
    durable water resistant resin that will
    outlast years of game play without loss
    of shine or luster. CapiCubana tables
    will last you for generations to come.

Welcome To Tablas CapiCubana Domino Tables

We manufacture custom designed domino tables for sale.  Our gaming tables are all handcrafted using the finest quality materials and are built to last a lifetime.  CapiCubana Domino Tables are made by craftsmen who have the domino player in mind.  The design of a CapiCubana Domino gaming table is geared towards providing functionality and comfortability for an unforgettable gaming experience.  You can choose from a variety of wood stains, edge trim, center portraits, or give your domino table its own unique with a custom designed center portrait.  CapiCubana domino tables are beautiful pieces of game tables, furniture that will spark up conversation at any social gathering.   


Explore our site and find the perfect domino playing table for your next juego domino.  We are available to speak with you if you have any questions or a special request for a unique domino table.  We are based in New York but we ship to New Jersey,  Miami, Puerto Rico, California and everywhere in between.  See for yourself why our customers say we are the makers of the best domino tables in the U.S.

Our Reviews

Stefan Grasso  After house sitting for a friend and the only form of entertainment was his custom domino table and grandfathers dominos... Couldn't believe the detail and quality of the table. Stood up to 6 endless nights of Bones and more them a little whiskey!!! Can't wait for my own table.

Chelsea Jasmine Rodriguez  Their tables are amazing!! Made from real wood, not the compressed stuff. The best part is that it is completely customizable. Love my table. We use it on game nights with the whole family and they love it too!!

Marcos Estevez  I play dominoes 3 or 4 times a week and ever since I got my table I fell in love with it and the finish is great love the fact it's hard to scratch which keeps my table looking amazing

April Moyd  Amazing! Love the work! Love the service! This team worked really hard to give me just what I wanted for my husband. I kept changing the images for this table and they were patient with me. My neighbor and I both ordered tables for our husbands and they love them! We live in Kentucky and received our tables in great condition. Definitely recommend this company! (I will admit, I am very hard to please.)

Jennifer Page  AI just received my scarface domino table. And Im very very pleased that I cant wait to show it to my family members. Everyone will be jealous. Thank you Tablas CapiCubana

Leslie Dominguez Hernandez  Thanks for an amazing table!

Dannier Reyes  A Awesome job!!! Thank you brother.

Roberto Ortiz Rivera  A Gracias for your amazing work and attention to detail. I am more than happy with my new toy. You guys do amazing work. Your tablas are truly a work of art..."Muchas Gracias!!!"

Evelina Bella  A THANK YOU!!!! My husband loved his gift. It's such an honor to see him enjoy with his fellow brothers. Thank you for the excellent customer service, attentive, swift service. And details to a "T".

Our Customer's
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capicubana domino tables
capicubana domino tables
capicubana domino tables 
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capicubana domino tables